Immanuel Christian Fellowship Ministry

What is the importance of being a member / volunteer in the Ministry?


Community – It will help me grow in my relationship with God and others.

Care – It is where I can find people who will support, encourage, and pray for me, and where I can care for others.

Character – It will help me grow in Christ-likeness.

Collaboration – It is where I can serve God along with others.

Different Immanuel Church Ministry that you can volunteer and enjoy  ★


1. Kid's Ministry - When you reach children, you reach parents. In our Sunday services we can enjoy great worship and engaging messages, but if the children are not connecting, mum and dad won’t stay around. I once heard someone say, “There’s a reason people stand in line for hours waiting for their kids to see Santa.” Think about that! When your weekend services become a place where children want to be, families will attend and invite other families too.


Children matter to Jesus; therefore they must matter to us!


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Jesus loved children and wants them to know him and have a relationship with him. Statistics tell us that 85% of people who come to Christ do so before the age of 18 – I think that requires our attention!


Jesus also used children as key illustrations in his teaching of how God wants us all to approach him, in simplicity, faith, love and obedience. Children are part of God’s plan for His church and we are to embrace them in the same way that He has embraced us in His great love and grace. The church should be passionate about teaching children about Jesus and His purposes for their lives.


2. Youth Ministry - Youth ministry is to give the young people a place to go and to learn to worship God, His nature, His plans for them and their future. It is a place to develop them into future leaders of the church. Face it, the youth of today are the church of tomorrow. The goal is to lead them with God's provision and teach them how to function as Godly men and women in just a few short years. Some will move away, go to college, and get married, but hopefully, no matter where they end up, they will begin serving a church.


Many teens don’t go to their church because it’s unhealthy and they know it is not working. Youth ministry gives us a chance to reach teens in our city and lead them to Christ. Youth ministry is not just about a single church, it is about advancing the mission of the universal Church God is advancing.


Our goal is to help teens follow Christ with all of their life. We are not just trying to reach teens, we are also trying to shape them to look more like Jesus. This is not hype. We see this happen by leading teens to engage in worship, study God’s Word through relevant teaching, and process faith through small groups led by adult mentors. Our hope is to lead teens to be followers of Jesus with all their life.


3. Praise & Worship - The Praise & Worship ministry is a team of believers that are called not only to worship the Lord but to facilitate the worship experience, and carry the burden of the worship life.


As Christians, the concept of sanctification informs our desire and need to move ever forward in our ability to worship our Savior, Hero, and King, Jesus Christ. Worship is not simply lyrics that we sing or music that evokes an emotion; it is a posture of heart that is demonstrated in humility, thankfulness, and obedience to His word. The apostle John tells us to worship “in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24). When we really know the truth – God’s divine plan to redeem the universe and us along with it – the natural response is to express gratitude that our life has not only purpose, but a future that only God’s mercy and grace can provide. As one modern hymn proclaims, “Jesus paid it all!”


he Praise & Worship team exists to minister to the Lord through praise and worship, to encourage and lead the congregation into the presence of the Lord, and to facilitate and create an atmosphere where the presence of the Lord can dwell. Our goal is to lead people into the manifest presence of the Lord.


If you have a heart to see others commune with the Lord in worship, if you have a burden for the worship life, if you are a worshiper and you are called to serve in the area of praise and worship, and if you can sing, then the Praise & Worship ministry is for you!


4. Hospitality Ministry - This ministry provides warm friendly greetings to members and guests as they arrive and provides information and quick references for church members and visitors.


The vision of the Hospitality Ministry Team is to highlight Jesus' selfless love for all people. The goal is to make The Immanuel Church a welcoming, safe environment for all people, making them feel at home with us and assisting them with any needs they might have. Serving on this team provides believers of Christ an opportunity and outlet to extend this love of Christ.


5. Technical Ministry - The Technical Ministry at Immanuel Church is a support ministry that facilitates reaching the lost by providing excellence in sound, lighting, video, clear music/sermons by using projector, and distributing church information by means of Social Media and Website.


We know that faith comes from hearing and believe that spoken word and song are two of the most important tools for a church service. It is our goal as a media team to provide clear and intelligible sound that is transparent and distraction free to the listener. The goal of the church audio team is to provide audio that is worthy of the worship of Jesus Christ.


We believe that the position of the sound and video operator is an important mission of the church. We will revere the mission by giving the position respect, priority and our personal best , be on time , interact with people, not just so that we can make them sound good and look good, but so that people can worship God and stay attentive and focused on the activities of the service.


6. Transportation Ministry - The Transportation Ministry exists to ensure lack of transportation is never a reason to prevent church attendance. Friendly drivers volunteer their time to transport members and visitors to church services on Sunday. This is an important ministry as transportation should never be the reason anyone is prevented from worship and fellowship.


We provide a safe and consistent transportation to the people of God. This ministry grants us various opportunities for many lives to be mentored and cared for by our loving transportation ministry staff. Our transportation ministry is a valuable outreach of our church, designed to reach and cater to the entire family.



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